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The Healthiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

These packed-with-vitamins vegetable plants will bring good taste and good health to your garden and to your table.


Want to greatly reduce your risk of a whole host of diseases including cancer? Grow broccoli, a fall and spring vegetable that grows best in a sunny site, in well-drained soil.


Frost actually enhances the taste of this cool weather crop. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this dark, leafy green, sometimes referred to as "the queen of greens" is low in calories, high in fiber and antioxidants and rich in iron, vitamin K, A and C.

Sweet Potato

Swap out your Idaho spud for a delicious sweet potato, one of the best sources of vitamin A and great topped with some vanilla yogurt, nuts and a touch of brown sugar.


Take a cue from Popeye and be strong to the finish when you eat your spinach. Easy to grow, spinach aids in preventing age-related macular degeneration and keeps artery walls free of cholesterol which can help in the prevention of heart attacks.


Rich in beta carotene, cool-weather garden favorite carrots are a vitamin powerhouse and come in a variety of hues beyond orange including purple, yellow and white.

Brussels Sprouts

Best when not overcooked, Brussels sprouts are loaded with nutritional value and provide nutritional support for the detoxification and anti-inflammatory functions of the body, which can aid in fighting cancer. This hardy, slow-growing cool weather crop—which does well in even freezing temperatures—is a member of the cabbage family.

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